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X²: The Threat Playable Demo (English)
Filename: x2_demoworldwide.exe

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Number of Votes: 2
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X²: The Threat Playable Demo (English) - File Description  

This is the English version of the X2: The Threat playable demo.

You will be given the chance to experience some of the newer features of the game, as well as plenty of credits enabling you to purchase and test fly a wide range of ships, get to grips with trading, and sample some combat.

Note that you will be unable to save the game in this demo version.

X²: The Threat Playable Demo (English) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download X²: The Threat Playable Demo (English)!

X²: The Threat Playable Demo (English) - Readme  
Readme File:
Readme for Egosoft's X² - The Threat
playable demo

Most important keys
RETURN Bring up main menu
SHIFT C Open command console
ESC Previous menu
DEL Exit all menus
Ship controls
ARROW KEYS, Q, W Ship rotation
A, Z Ship speed control
BACK SPACE Brake to zero speed
TAB Boost speed to max
O/SHIFT F Open bay door
J Activate SETA (time compression)
U Switch current ship to computer control and back to manual (IMPORTANT)
D Dock using the docking computer (if installed)
SHIFT D Command ship to ‘dock at my target’
RIGHT ALT Strafe movement
Weapon controls
CTRL/LMB Fire lasers of active cockpit or turret
L Launch missile
M Select/cycle missile type
K Change laser targeting mode / autotarget
Target management
T Target to object under cursor
E Toggle enemy mode. Target keys now only cycle enemies.
SHIFT T Target to enemy under cursor
PgUp, PgDn Cycle target to next / previous ship (hold down for T and E functionality)
Pos1, END Cycle target to next / previous station
INS, DEL Cycle target to next / previous enemy
View controls
F1 Switch active monitor to next cockpit
F2 Switch active monitor to external view
F3 Switch active monitor to target view
F4 Activate next monitor
F5 Toggle all monitors on/off
Num 1-9 Look around cockpit or external view, control cursor in sector map
Num +, - Change camera distance in external view
Num 0 Cycle through camera modes. Modes are: Manual control of view angle, Cam relative to object, Cinematic flyby, Cinematic static
Num 5 Switch to rear view in external camera mode
G Toggle grid projection if installed
ALT Zoom in (Video Enhancement goggles upgrade required)
N Navigation map
SHIFT M Change Radar mode

Menu hotkeys (optional)
. Sector map
, Universe map
S Ship info menu
I Target info menu
F Freight menu
C Comm. menu
P Pilot information
R Player property menu
1, 2, 3, 4 Change laser in bay 1-4 of active turret or cockpit.
SHIFT 1-5 Map target object to monitor
SHIFT 6/7 Command wingman group
SHIFT 8/9 Command drone group
SHIFT Q Quit program
SHIFT O Options menu
SHIFT S Save game. This only functions in space when you have salvage insurance.
SHIFT L Load game.
SHIFT E Ejects player from ship/enter ship. Must have intended ship targeted and in 30m range.
SHIFT R Recording on / off (3D Video stream)
H Help window
M Cycle Radar modes
F9/Print Screen Save screenshot.

Configuration of Joystick and Mouse

All important controls can also be mapped to joystick or mouse buttons (see configuration dialogue). Note however that some buttons have combined functionality (e.g: The target prev. and target next buttons activate the target scanner when held and the missile select button launches a missile when held etc.).

Tips to improve performance

Turn off any additional software especially any virus checkers. If still slow make sure there is no spy or adware running. Turn off all anti-aliasing at the driver level. If you do want AA turned on then do this within the game settings but this is only recommended on DX9 or above cards!

To archive optimum performance an amount of 256MB oof main memory or more is suggested!

The default graphical settings are:
Bumpmaps ON
Shadows OFF
Anti-aliasing OFF

Selecting “Graphic Resolution” on the X² load screen allows you to alter these settings from the defaults.

Should you experience any problems with the voice playback in X2 please make sure you have installed the Windows Media update which is offered during installation of this game. You can reinstall this separately by starting the program "WMFDIST.EXE" from the installation CD!
For up to date support information please visit www.egosoft.com <http://www.egosoft.com>

Additional AI modules and more - Join the online community
Register online at www.egosoft.com <http://www.egosoft.com> to get access to the X2 online community where you can download cool new upgrades for your shipcomputer.

To gain full access to the online community you will need to register X2 online with the "online registration key code" found on the sticker in your product. Note that this is NOT the same registration code needed when installing this game!
URL for registration is: www.egosoft.com/x2/register/KOCH <http://www.egosoft.com/x2/register/KOCH>

Minimum requirements:
DirectX version 9
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP
128MB of memory
A 32MB graphic card (GeForce equivalent or above)

Uninstalling X2:

Follow these instructions for uninstalling the game:

1) Go to Start, then Programs, and look for the "EGOSOFTX2-The Threat" folder.
2) Locate the "Uninstall X2-The Threat" icon and left-click on it.
3) Answer "Yes" when you are prompted to remove X2-The Threat from your computer,

- or -

Alternatively you can uninstall the game using the Control Panel:
1) Go to Start, then Settings, then find the Control Panel icon and left-click on it.
2) Locate the "Add/Remove Programs" icon and double-click on it.
3) Under the Install/Uninstall tab, look for "Uninstall X2-The Threat" from the program list and left-click on it.
4) Left-click on the "Add/Remove..." button.
5) Answer "Yes" when you are prompted to remove X2-The Threat from your computer.

Copyright Notices

Software Copyright 2003 Egosoft. All rights reserved.

X2-The Threat, the X2-The Threat logo, are trademarks of Egosoft.

Software and manual may not be copied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electrical medium or machine readable form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent from EGOSOFT.

Health Warnings

Some people experience epileptic seizures when viewing flashing lights or patterns in our daily environment.
These persons may experience epileptic seizures while watching TV pictures or playing computer games.
Even players who have never had any seizures may nonetheless have an undetected epileptic condition.
Consult your doctor before playing computer games if you, or someone of your family, have an epileptic condition. Immediately stop the game, should you experience any of the following symptoms during play:

- dizziness
- altered vision
- eye or muscle twitching
- mental confusion
- loss of awareness of your surroundings
- involuntary movements and/or convulsions

About X²

Trade. Fight. Build. Think.

“In a universe of possibilities, your next move could be your last…”
With over two years of development time going into the project, the team at EGOSOFT have crafted a dynamic, active universe, in which to immerse the player. Tagged as the "21st Century Elite" by PC ZONE, the
game has already received vast amounts of coverage; with press overwhelmed by the quality of graphics and depth of game play.

"From what we&apos;ve seen, X² looks even better than FreeLancer" - PC ZONE

Mankind&apos;s exploration of the stars has not been without incident. It has been fraught with dangers. Conflicts have ensued across a hundred sectors of space. New races have been discovered. Treaties of commerce signed - declarations of war enforced.

It is a universe of smugglers and businessmen, of bounty hunters and travellers, from countless worlds. All striving to make their mark on a universe in constant flux. It is a dangerous place, with threats both from within and beyond. After years of conflict, an uneasy peace has settled across the many worlds, as humans and aliens strive to live together in harmony.

A failed star ship theft brings you to the attention of the authorities, and the cold reality of a lengthy sentence on a penal
world. En-route to hard labour, you are brought before a senior member of the Argon Federation&apos;s Security Force, an offer of redemption and freedom on the table. Seizing the opportunity, you set forth with your new life, hauling freight for TerraCorp.

Old ghosts however never rest, and before long your past catches up with you. The discovery of a new race and their destructive intentions brings adventure fraught with danger and intrigue. Revelations from your past begin to emerge and these must be faced as you discover your true identity. Decisions are to be made, struggling between your conscious and loyalties.

This is the galaxy in which you belong - A galaxy in turmoil. Your destiny and that of the universe is in your hands.

Graduated learning curve allows for immediate action.
Absolute state of the art graphics engine utilising all the
latest Direct X capabilities.
Heart thumping storyline and missions.
Large dynamic universe to interact with and explore.
Thousands of objects including, stations, ships, a myriad of
weapons, commodities to trade and different races with their own agendas and technologies.
Build your own empire with all of these objects at your disposal as a trader, bounty hunter, pirate, miner or a cunning combination of them all.

Visit <http://www.egosoft.com> for further details about the game and to register for the X2 online community where you can download additional components for X2!

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